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Welcome to the K9tv Wiki!.

K-9, rebooted as K9 Adventures is a spin-off television series featuring the alien robotic dog K9. The original series was produced in Australia by Jetix Europe, Park Entertainment and Stewart Wall Entertainment.

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K9 Adventures
K-9 (TV series)





Featured articles
Korven Lomax

Lomax was a Korven Imperial Commander who had travelled from the future to warp the British government. The result was a dictatorship that dominated the British Isles, the Americas and Oceania during the mid-21st century. He disguised his true form by hiding behind a human silhouette and using a speech translator to make his voice sound human. (Read more...)

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Home Video Releases

K-9 (TV series)

The Complete First Series: 29 September 2010 (Australia)
The Bounty Hunter: 29 September 2010 (Australia)
Alien Avatar: 1 December 2010 (Australia)
Series 1; Volume 1: 31 January 2011 (UK), 30 March 2011 (US)
Series 1; Volume 2: 18 April 2011 (UK and US)
K9: Ultimate Collectors Edition: 11 June 2011 (UK)

  • Complete Boxset
    (Region 4, Australia)
  • The Bounty Hunter
    (Region 4, Australia)
  • Alien Avatar
    (Region 4, Australia)
  • Series 1, Volume 1
    (Region 0, sold in UK and US)
  • Series 1, Volume 2
    (Region 0, sold in UK and US)
  • "Ultimate Collectors Edition"
    (Region 2, UK)



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Television Stories

K-9 (TV series)

Main article: K-9 (TV series)

K9 Adventures - in development

Main article: K9 Adventures


K-9 (TV series)

Disney XD shows (UK & Ireland)

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