Meron 2 Technician
Actor: Michael Thompson — First Appearance: "Regeneration" — Last Appearance: "Liberation"

This Meron was a scientist working with his associate in The Department's Dauntless Prison.


The Meron and his associate worked in Dauntless Prison, which was governed by Thorne, a fellow Meron. The Merons extracted DNA from the alien prisoners to create Trojan, the prototype for a Korven supersoldier in Lomax's invasion of Earth.

He arrived at Gryffen Manor where his associate gave Alistair Gryffen a component to the Space-Time Manipulator. An accident caused the hound of the Korven, K9 Mark I and four Jixen to be sent through. K9 self-destructed and regenerated into a new form to kill the Jixen.

One Jixen survived and tracked the Merons down, the Meron's associate was met by the Jixen and retreated; the prison was closed after the incident.

Weeks later, Gryffen foiled the Korven invasion by destroying the STM and Thorne was killed, leaving the ultimate fate of this Meron and his associate unknown.

As with Thorne, this Meron may not have been a Meron by birth, rather a human implanted with Meron DNA by the Korven.